Arrow Video Announce New 2014 Titles

Fans of cult cinema will know Arrow Video very well, a UK based company that puts out horror and cult films on DVD and Blu-ray. The length that the company goes to put out top-notch products has been well covered by fans and critics alike. This year, we’ve seen plenty of amazing titles released from Arrow, including the recently released “People Under the Stairs” on Blu-ray, for the first time. With wonderful artwork, excellent transfers and great special features, Arrow continue to please collectors and movie fans alike with their output.

This week, then, it was great to hear about some new titles that Arrow would be putting out in 2014, and so this is a post to share with those who might not know about what they have in store for us in coming months.

arrowblindwoms arrowcheekyass  arrowhellcomesaah arrowhellgateaah arrowklllersas arrowphantomparadi arrowpitstop arrowrabidyo arrowsullicansf arrowtintobrass arrowwhiteon thrstuffaa

To order from Arrow Video, head to their website. They have great customer service, and couldn’t be nicer to deal with.


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