“Now You See Me” – Movie Review

So, here’s to a new venture and my first movie review for The Cinephiliacs.  I’m more used to reviewing Horror movies, so having a free scope will actually be a pleasant change for me.

The first movie into the old DVD player was Louis Leterriers ‘Now you see me’.  Leterriers past offerings include ‘Clash of the Titans’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’, neither of which I was crazy about to me honest, but the killer cast in this one pulled me in.   Boasting the likes of Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo and Isla Fisher, how could I not be interested?

Before I watched the movie, I had a little browse about the net to see how it rated with other viewers.  It appears not very well.  Having watched the movie, I have to say I think that’s a little harsh, as although it isn’t going to rate as one of the most awesome movies you’ll ever see, it definately is an enjoyable watch.

The movie follows 4 illusionists, played by Harrelson, Fisher, Eisenberg and Franco, successful in their own right, who team up as ‘The Four Horsemen’ to carry out some of the most extraordinarily amazing tricks the world has ever seen.  The tricks have a Robin Hood quality about them in their desire to rectify some of lifes wrongs, even at one stage at the expense of their very wealthy benefactor, played by Caine.

Throughout the movie, The Horsemen are followed by both Mark Ruffalo – a FBI Agent trying to bring them to justice and Morgan Freeman – a man with an obvious Vendetta against the four, trying to keep one step ahead of them and bring an end to their campaign.

I don’t want to give away too much about the movie,  but I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of wonderful illusions, solid performances, involving plot and the fact it kept me guessing throughout most of the movie.

I would however say, I found the ending a little disappointing.  I felt as though we were taken on a journey and promptly kicked off the bus before we were ready to leave.  Myself and my other half both ‘kind of’ predicted the ending, but there were enough other twists going on to keep me happy.

I would definately recommend this to any of my friends and I feel the terrible reviews I have read online are for the most part unfair.  I watch a lot of movies and there is nothing as bad as spending a couple of hours of your very limited downtime watching a movie and feeling that time has been wasted.  I didn’t feel this was the case with ‘Now You See Me’.  I was also most pleased to see a sequel is in the planning.

While not a classic nor right up there with my favourites, I would give this movie a solid 7/10.


3 thoughts on ““Now You See Me” – Movie Review

  1. Really enjoyed this review. I’ve yet to see the film, but we picked it up on BD yesterday and am looking forward to checking it out. Great stuff Lisa. Look forward to more of your work here on The Cinephiliacs. 🙂

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