“Malice in Wonderland” Movie Review


This is my first official movie review for Cinephiliacs, well, for anywhere really.  (So, ya know, be gentle in any criticisms. lol)

Malice in Wonderland is an interesting movie that I stumbled upon late one night during an all too familiar battle with insomnia.  As the title suggests, it is an adaptation of the familiar Carol classic, Alice in Wonderland.  However, I would say it is only loosely based on it.

Instead of falling down a rabbit hole, our dear Alice (Maggie Grace) gets hit by a London taxi while running away from two well dressed pursuers.  The tightly wound cab driver, Whitey (Danny Dyer), having been spotted by two passers-by, stuffs her into the backseat to avoid dealing with the police.  And so our adventure begins…

The bump on the head, of course, leaves Alice without a memory of who she is or where she was going.  She does however know it was “something important.”  Unfortunately for her, the cabby has a schedule to keep. Between pill-popping, multiple mishaps, and being led by the time-obsessed Whitey (read “White Rabbit”) through the seedy, yet comedic, surreal criminal underground of London, which includes a drug dealing Chesire Cat, an agoraphobic Duchess, a mobile “tart” park, and a twist on “The Queen” one won’t soon forget, it does take nearly the full 80 minutes for Miss Alice to remember anything.

It may not be classic cinema, but it’s visually appealing (other reviewers have compared it to a nearly 2 hour long 80’s music video) and sure to entertain.

3 out of 5 stars.


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