The Human Centipede 2 {Full Sequence} (2011) Review

Still-from-the-Human-Cent-007 (1)

Director Tom Six followed up the controversial Human Centipede {First Sequence} with a sequel that took a unique approach of following up the original film. Instead of focusing on the characters from the first movie, and continuing in the same film universe, instead we find ourselves in a black and white picture where we meet a strange loner named Martin who is obsessed with the original film and dreams of creating his own centipede.

I liked the fact that Six refused to travel down the typical sequel route, doing the expected and going back to the same well for the same water. He took the brave and unusual step of treating the first film as a film and this one as a nightmarish image of someone obsessed with the concept of a Human Centipede.

The story follows Martin (Laurence R. Harvey), a lonely and mentally disturbed man who works as a security guard at an underground parking area, an area that feels uncomfortably dingy and soaked with terrible potential. Martin finds himself obsessed with The Human Centipede film, watching it while at work and even going as far as creating a scrapbook about it. The idea of linking people through surgical means through their gastrointestinal system causes Martin to disgustingly and horrifically attempt to do it himself in a dirty and stinking warehouse in England. Martin even invited, through deceptive means, one of the stars of the original film to England and brings the true horror of what was once fictional to her life.

The film has a constant feel of being truly grubby and Harvey, as Martin, does a brilliant job of playing an unhinged and mentally unstable recluse with major mother issues.  The use of black and white in the film works really well and allows Six to do much more than he might be able to do otherwise.

I did find, at times, that the story took little sidesteps to just be shocking and controversial, and while I understand the reasoning for this, being that the original film was a success because of the amount of press that surrounded it, claiming it to be one of the most horrific and shocking films ever made, but I did get a bad taste in my mouth at times here, wondering if some of the things that occurred were actually necessary. Without going into specifics, a scene involving a women’s stomping foot seemed exceptionally pointless. Still, it almost seems silly to delve so deep into the morality of this film, but I did find myself enjoying it less when these sorts of things happened.

A gory and filthy film, I enjoyed plenty of what this film had to offer, especially the performance of Harvey as Martin, a performance even more outstanding considering it was one of the very first things that Harvey had ever done as an actor. It is a vivid contrast to the first film in many ways too. The original film was surgical, clean and shot in a very sharp manner, but here, in the sequel, it is dark and dirty, the shots are more chaotic and it manages to feel completely different whilst also having plenty of links and similarities. I am intrigued to see what happens in the third film in this bizarre franchise that, if nothing else, has got people talking since the first film was announced in 2008 (released 2009).

Would I recommend this film? Nah, it’s not something I can honestly say many people would enjoy, but if you like horror and don’t take it too seriously, and go into the experience as a way to enjoy the disturbing story and excellent lead performance, then I’m sure some people would find something to like. Regardless of your feelings about it though, it unapologetically exists and has its fans, proof that there is indeed an audience for most things.


5 thoughts on “The Human Centipede 2 {Full Sequence} (2011) Review

  1. I’m preparing a 4-week publication for my blog about disturbing movies. Is this disturbing as ‘Canibal Holocaust’ or even ‘Salo’ ? Great review by the way! Best wishes 🙂

    1. Excellent. No, I wouldn’t personally say it’s as disturbing as Salo or Cannibal Holocaust, but it’s a subjective thing really, some people may be disurbed by one of those films and not the other. I didn’t find Salo disturbing really, but I did find some scenes in Holocaust to be just that. Anyway, thanks for reading and good luck with the publication. Plenty of controversial films to look at. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed part 2 but wasn’t a massive fan of part 1. It was an ‘ok’ movie, but that’s as far as I’d go. However, part 2 is completely dark, disgusting, difficult to watch in places and is just downright creepy all the way through. As you said Harvey is amazing in the role.

    I know the part you are referring to with the stomp and you’re right. When myself and the hubby watched it, we thought exactly the same. It just just overkill, distasteful (which is hard to say given the rest of the movie) and uncalled for. It didn’t add to the story at all. If anything it took away. Regardless of this however I would definately watch it again as I think this would be a movie you would see something different in every time.

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