The Haunting of Katie Malone (2014) Review

The Haunting of Katie Malone

Starring: Dean Cain, Masiela Lusha, Stephen Colletti and Jonathan McDaniel


First off, marketing doesn’t do this movie any favours with its slapdash poster design or title. To be blunt, ‘Kill Katie Malone’ instantly conjures up thoughts about z-grade horror movies and the art accompanying does nothing to change this assumption. But hey, i’m here to suffer so you don’t have to, so I will sit down to watch Kill Katie Malone from High Fliers Films, a new ghost movie starring Dean Cain.

The first thing that struck me was how polished the film looked, maybe not as low budget as I had thought. The story concerns a college teen who decides to buy a ghost on an auction site. His friends think its a waste of time and money but after a little persuasion they give up their share of the funds, the bid is placed and the three of them now own their very own Ghost-in-a-box (postage included)!

Once the box arrives the usual ‘paranormal’ things start to happen. The environment around the box drops in temperature, people who interact with it feel unease and dread, oh and a ghost decides some extreme dorm-room renovation is in order. Now i’ve seen this stuff play out countless times in horror movies and I usually get frustrated at this point because this is about the time that the idiot ‘teens’ decide to anger the ‘spirit’, most of the time by getting out a Ouija board or just shouting insults at it.

What surprised me about Kill Katie Malone is that the victims of this ghost react in a believable way, they try to get rid of the box, they realize they were stupid and want rid. Also when the ghost decides its time for some new wallpaper and that the teens room needs some feng-shui level rearrangement, they don’t try to fight it. Actually the 2 big burly jocks hide in the bathroom whimpering! So I must applaud this film for not taking the usual clichéd ‘stupid teens’ route.

Some of the ‘paranormal’ effects are a little ropey and the acting isn’t great but it is a fun, enjoyable watch with a semi-original plot. A film I expected to be full of cheap scares, stupid choices and ‘accidental’ nudity, pleasantly surprised me by being a decent, fun and well made little horror flick.

In a genre stale with badly made ‘paranormal’ movies copying from each other, KILL KATIE MALONE actually makes the effort to be fresh and enjoyable.

(Since this review was written the name of the film has changed from “Kill Katie Malone” to “The Haunting of Katie Malone”)


Mark Ryan


2 thoughts on “The Haunting of Katie Malone (2014) Review

  1. Nice review and it sounds like something genuinely interesting for a change. I agree whole-heartedly about the staple stale horror cliches…. ‘accidental nudity’ and ‘stupid teens’, especially stupid female teens (actually, stupid any age females), these are things immediately guaranteed to have me lose interest and write it off as just another one of ‘those’.

    Thanks for the review. I’ll deffo check this one out 🙂

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