Guillermo Del Toro at San Diego Comic Con 2014

GDT was at this years SDCC to talk about a lot of projects he has started or plans
to start work on in the coming months, in this feature I will be taking an in-depth look
at what was revealed, announced or teased at with each separate project.

Crimson Peak


First off we have Del Toro’s current baby and the next release we are going to see from him,
slated for a release date of October 16th 2015. Crimson peak is a lush Gothic romance with a dark
evil underbelly. Expect hidden passions, forbidden embraces and plenty of ‘bumps’ in the night.
The most exciting thing so far about this movie is the way GDT is pitching the Gothic mansion
as a character of its own,

“the house almost asphyxiates the characters, you know, the characters get suffocated by
the house and it frames them almost like a butterfly in a net. The house breathes every
now and then because of the wind and it decays like a living organism, so its quite a monster.”

Hearing GDT talk like this always gets my geek-sense tingling because it just shows the level
of detail, passion and love he puts into every single part of his productions.

Also revealed at Comic-Con was a physical Crimson Peak experience, where a large part of the
film’s set was recreated which fans could take a tour of, this included a close up look
at the mansion’s architecture and costuming, the design aspects of details such as
hidden moths and butterflies in the wallpaper and a custom built soundscape created
to make people feel like they were in the movie.

In addition to the Halloween 2015 movie GDT announced a book tie-in to the film.


Pacific Rim & Pacific Rim 2

Now PacRim has been out for a while and if your reading this feature I am guessing you know
about it, there is also a chance you know about the comic prequel ‘Year Zero’ which is out now.
At SDCC we were told about an animated series being created between now and the main sequel’s
release in April 2017, also we were treated to new sculpts of upcoming figures including
an 18 inch CHERNO ALPHA!!! which is a true thing of beauty.


Details of what PacRim2 will be about are basically non-existent at this present time
but knowing the cast and crew will mostly be returning and are excited about it is only a plus.
Along with the above mentioned Crimson Peak experience, Del Toro also wheeled out a fully
virtual Jaeger experience using the now cult Occulus Rift video peripheral, this allowed him
to put users inside the cockpit of a Jaeger alongside Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam).

The Strain


This series is going from strength to strength, garnering critical acclaim across the board
at only 3 episodes in this looks like a series that might just become a modern classic,
this writer is still yet to see an episode as it hasn’t been brought over to the UK yet.

Justice League Dark


Not much mentioned about this officially but in a few interviews GDT let it known that he
is excited and ready to go as soon as the studios find the right time to fit JLD into their
current movie universe.

The Book of Life

And finally we have the colorful, bright, animated film ‘The Book of Life’. A love story set in the
world of ‘Dia De Los Muertos’ or ‘Day of the Dead’. A true labor of love for the director Jorge
Gutierrez and one of the few DotD themed movies that looks to honor the holiday instead of
exploiting it.


So there we have it, quite a lot was teased at SDCC from GDT and plenty was talked up. Looks like
we have one hell of a good 5 years of creations to come from the fairy tale mad professor and
long may it continue, prosper and grow!!!!



Mark Ryan


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