“Horns” Trailer Released – We Give Our Thoughts



I am a Joe Hill fan. I enjoy his comically adult horror writing, his ability to describe things in vivid and grimy detail in a way that feels fresh, modern and somewhat demented. When I heard that “Horns” had been picked up in order to be adapted to the screen, I was half excited and half concerned. With a decent budget and a good cast, Horns has the potential to be an exceptional film, but on the flipside of the coin, with a low-budget and a cast that would be better suited to cleaning up the remnants of a different kind of horn in a booth on a backstreet in Amsterdam, it could be terrible.

Once the cast was named, my curiousity was sparked but my concern wasn’t extinguished. Daniel Radcliffe plays the main horned protagonist(ish) of the story, Ig, and he is not what I pictured when reading the book. I’m aware that casting is often like this and sometimes the actor proves the critics and the pessimists wrong. I am not against Radcliffe’s casting, Hell, I am a big fan of the Harry Potter films, but I have found it difficult to see Radcliffe, in his roles away from the Potter-verse so far, as anyone other than “the boy who lived”. I hope this breaks the cycle and D-Rad becomes Ig, because I want this film to be as fantastic, dark and brilliant as the book on which it is based.

So, here is the trailer than has just recently been released for “Horns”. The film is set for a release in the UK before the year is out, apparently, so I will be standing in line with my ticket and hoping that I leave the film with a smile on my face.


One thought on ““Horns” Trailer Released – We Give Our Thoughts

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