ZOMBIE Week: Dead Snow 2 (2014) Review


After Chris’s brilliant review of Dead Snow we get to the sequel, Dead Snow 2. Going into this after seeing the
first I was expecting more of the same, a damn well made horror movie with a lot of black humor and blood.

I was not disappointed.

We pick up straight after the events of the first, with a few small flashbacks to refresh us, then straight
into the story of Martin. We learn very early on that the humor is still coming thick and fast with a zombie attack taking place through a car window while the radio plays terrible euro pop. Martin finally gets away but has lost his arm in the process as well as the zombie leader having lost his. This leads to some “Freaky Friday” type scenario that I will get to later. More humor next as we see the Nazi Commander attempt a Sieg Heil with no arm!

The humor is definitely ramped up in this sequel but the film still looks and plays like a horror movie made by someone who cares. It doesn’t feel overly silly even though things get increasingly so. Waking up in hospital, we learn that Martin crashed the car he was escaping in and was found and brought in for some help. The doctor informs him that even though his arm was missing, they had found a perfectly preserved arm near the car and managed to reattach it, but guess what? It isn’t Martins arm.


What follows is a brilliant trail of physical humor and corpses left behind as Michael learns to control the rogue Nazi colonel’s arm, which consequently also gave him the ability to raise the dead. After meeting an american boy in the hospital who happens to be part of a group of nerds called the Zombie Squad, Martin, assuming they are a government or military operation asks them to come to Norway and stop the threat. The Zombie Squad of course turn out to be a trio of extreme nerds who run the squad from their parents attic.


This movie is chock full of funny inventive kills and gory humour and I found myself laughing out loud
at so many little moments including one of my now favorite pieces of zombie cinema where a soldier
uses a dead guys intestines to siphon fuel from a coach into a tank. Awesome. Whereas Dead Snow’s humour
could appear accidental Dead Snow 2 is very much a straight Horror Comedy.

Once the Zombie Squad have arrived in Norway we learn that there was a fight at a prison where the Colonel
killed a whole battalion of Russian soldiers and the only way to kill the Nazi zombies is to raise an
army of Russian zombies and believe me when they start to fight it is goresome!


A fun, gory, action packed zombie romp through Norway. If you enjoyed the first then I am pretty sure you will love this brilliant sequel. Also there is a pet zombie. That is all.


Mark Ryan