ZOMBIE Week: What to read…

As zombie week comes to a close, I thought it would be nice to share some reading material as an alternative to all the movies that have been recommended. Here I will review some of the zombie books and comics that I have read in recently. I have not included some, such as Crossed by Garth Ennis or Hater by David Moody, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading as I was unsure they were pure zombie fiction, or if they were more virus-based, but here are a few that should have you turning the pages to get your zombie fix.

Fanboys Vs Zombies

I picked up the first volume zombiereading1of this graphic novel purely for the premise and the particularly colourful artwork. The comic series from Boom! Studios by Sam Humphries and Jerry Gaylord, follows a group of friends as the encounter a zombie outbreak at San Diego Comic-Com and how they cope with the fallout. How will the “fanboys” who have spent many hours shooting their way through zombie 

hordes in videogames handle the real thing? I have read three volumes of this so far and have enjoyed the dynamics between the group members, how they are muddling through the apocalypse and the comedy they have managed to incorporate. The art work is really great, with each character having distinctive style and the gore and violence is over-the-top and fun. I would recommend this and am planning to pick up the remaining two volumes soon.

The Walking Dead

Now, I have not readzombiereading2 much of the comic that the hit television show of the same name is based on, but with The Walking Dead being one of my favourite shows currently airing it was one that I wanted to check out. The black and white series follows Rick Grimes and his band of merry survivors as they navigate the world after a zombie apocalypse. In the issues I have read so far, it shows the story that was played out in the first episodes of the TV series, Rick wakes up from a coma to find his town overrun with zombies and decides to travel to Atlanta to try and find his wife and son. With the series on-going and getting such critical acclaim, this will be one I continue to pick up and enjoy.

Living with the Dead Series by Jesse Petersen

The series, consisting of Married with Zombies, Flip this Zombie and Eat Slay Love, follows Sarah and her husband, David, as they try to save their failing marriage in the midzombiereading3st of the outbreak of a zombie virus wiping out half of the United States. The series is well written, funny and relatable as Sarah narrates the story showing us her daily struggles, both with the hordes of undead and the pressures of married life. The chapters are wittily adjusted advice quotes to fit in with epidemic such as “Support your partner in their interests. You never know when batting practice, kung fu movies or even poker night might come in handy during a zombie infestation.” What I really enjoyed in the series was how realistic the whole thing seemed with them bickering over small issues, dealing with the reliance on modern technology that no longer works and figuring how to kill zombies from video games or movies they had both seen. Highly enjoyable.

Breathers: A Zombies Lament by S G Browne

Breathers offers a diffezombiereading4rent spin on the zombie novel following Andy Warner, the newly resurrected zombie who has to live his parents wine cellar, as he tells the tale of undead life from his point of view.  As he has trouble adjusting to a society who no longer considers him human and the feelings of resentment from his parents, he goes to a meeting held by his fellow zombies and become friends with Rita and Jerry, other members of the group who are experiencing the same harsh treatment. The story follows them as they discover the joys of human flesh and embark on a journey to defend his civil rights. This was a terrific twist on the typical zombie story and it was darkly funny in parts but also managed to make me feel sympathetic towards the undead as the breather (humans) treat them so badly. I would recommend added this to your bookshelf both for the story and the amazing cover-art.

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Now I have already reviewed the filmzombiereading5 that is based on this novel for zombie season, and if you have read that, you will know that I’m a huge fan. The novel is different from the movie but the character of R is still amazing. R is a zombie that everyone really can relate to and Marion made me care about him throughout the story by providing narration though R’s thoughts and feelings. With this being so different from the other zombie novels I have read, it is again one that I have to recommend you read.

Hopefully you will have, over the course of our “zombie week” and this final article, discovered something new or read something interesting. The zombie week launched what will, hopefully, become a monthly occurrence where we, here at The Cinephiliacs, will focus on a specific genre, director or topic. As a fan of reading as much as I am a fan of film, I will be bringing my love of books along with me each time we have one of these seasons, and if I have recommendations to go along with the topic at hand, then be prepared for a list of stuff you need to check out from your resident bookmouse. Thank you for reading!

Victoria – bookmousenook.


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