Antisocial (2013) Review (By R. T Ewell)

(The following review was contributed by R.T Ewell. R.T is a writer, his work can be found here)


The premise for Antisocial is not an original one. Just by reading the synopsis, one can tell that this story has been told a hundred times, especially over the recent years. It’s the one where a virus has spread infecting people causing them to become violent. At first glance they could be mistaken for the fast moving version of zombies. Even with the unoriginal sounding story, I sat down, took a chance, and gave it a screening.

Movies like this always make me feel like the filmmakers are cheating a bit. I can imagine filmmakers wanting to hop on the zombie band wagon even though they are not called zombies. Thank you, 28 Days Later. If done right however, these kinds of movies can bring something new to the horror table. I feel in many ways that Antisocial does something that I haven’t seen in recent years.

The story focuses on Sam played by Michelle Mylett who is easily the best actor in the movie. The setting is New Years Eve where a group of friends are having a party. Before she gets there a few strange events happen. While at the party they see, on the news, that there are attacks and people are dying. Not much is revealed at first but soon they learn that there is a virus that is causing people to kill others. Once they learn that the infected are outside trying to get in, it pretty much stays on the five friends and never looks back.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For the most part, the actors do a good job conveying emotions while having decent chemistry with each other. These are college age kids but they don’t make nearly the same mistakes as most do in horror movies. Mylett does a good job leading the pack as the infected try to make there way in. As you can suspect eventually the virus makes its way inside the house forcing people to take sides while trying to figure out who does and doesn’t have the virus. Symptoms turn out to be nosebleeds and hallucinations soon after becoming infected. Once infected they act a lot like the fast zombies that we see in many movies these days.

The movie does a lot of things right. The acting for the most part is good aside from maybe one of the friends who went overboard in emotional moments. The music is outstanding providing tension when needed, while the friends are trying to make tough decisions among each other. Something that surprised me was the use of special effects while the victims were hallucinating, it was very well done. Also, the story is very simple but what I liked was that they actually explained what caused the virus. Now some people may not like the reason but to me at least they tried to do something different while giving us some answers. I’m looking at you, Walking Dead. Oh, and there is the coolest use of Christmas lights I’ve ever seen used in a movie.

I wish there was a bit more action in the middle of the movie as it kind of bogs down. With the story being so simple there should have been a scene where they had to go outside to change the pace a little. While the acting was good, the character development wasn’t that great considering they were the focus. The only one that gets any kind of real development was Sam which was good but it would have been nice to see others get a little back-story.

I have not heard any buzz for this movie but it deserves to be seen. The movie has a good amount of jump scares and gory (including a cringe worthy drill scene) moments toward the end that makes the movie a must see at least once. I doubt that I will watch the movie again anytime soon but I would totally be on board for a sequel after the way it ended.

R.T Ewell


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