Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection (2012) Review {By Tim Walker}

(The following review was contributed by Tim Walker. Tim also writes for his own blog, here.)


(This Review Contains Spoilers)

I never like to judge a film before I have seen it, but I had a hard time with this one. Like most horror fans I love George A. Romero’s classic 1968 film Night of the Living Dead. It redefined the zombie in modern pop culture, and its influence has touched every zombie film that came after it. So shamelessly cashing in on it with a cheap shoddy “prequel”, that even tries to rip off the originals poster is a big no-no in my book.

The film begins with some crappy found footage style camera work that thankfully doesn’t stick around long. It is being filmed by a group of morons outside of a small shop, they see a middle aged guy walking past, and they make him go inside the shop to buy them some cans of lager. They do this even though they are clearly old enough to do this themselves, for god’s sake, one of them looks about thirty. But eventually this poor unfortunate guy goes into the shop which is worryingly empty and quieter than a dead mime. He starts looking for the shopkeeper, and eventually stumbles into the stock room, where there is a grisly sight of a zombie munching down on somebody’s guts. This poor guy is pretty alarmed by this, and as he staggers back in horror, the zombified shop-keeper pops up and rips his throat out. After a minute or two, the guy who they sent in to get the cans of beer wanders out looking very ill. The morons don’t seem to notice the fact that his throat is mangled, and he looks like the un-dead, and so inevitably he bites one of them on the face, before being repeatedly stabbed. At this point a very anxious looking man arrives in his car, he warns the morons to get their bitten friend some help, but they take no notice. The anxious man realizes he is wasting his time, and drives away.

The film then begins to follow this anxious guy, who appears to be driving to meet with somebody close to him to try and find a safe place to hold out against the ever worsening zombie problem. It appears from the information coming from his car radio that the dead are beginning to come back and infect the living. He obviously tuned into the “captain bleeding-obvious hour”. Eventually he runs out of petrol, and has to start looking for somewhere to get help. Very soon he finds a farm house with lights on and signs of life inside. He knocks on the door and calls for help, but gets a double barrel shotgun blast to the face for his troubles. Yes, that’s right, the character that the audience thought was important just got his head blown off at the 20 minute marker, thus rendering everything in the film up until this point completely pointless.

The man who pulled the trigger on the anxious guy thought he was killing one of the zombies, and when he finds out that wasn’t the case he feels pretty damn guilty, for about 10 minutes. The rest of the film basically just revolves around the man with the shotgun, and his extended family who are holding up in the farm house. Which is about as interesting as a cricket bat to the knees. To say I don’t care about these characters doesn’t even come close, I have seen better character development from a house brick. The whole group are as one-dimensional as cardboard cut outs that just had a run in with a steam roller.

Frankly this film was dreadful in every possible aspect; the acting was laughable, the cinematography looked as though a five year old had done it. To be honest I could go on for hours about how boring and terrible this film was, and how it has the audacity to repeatedly try and rip off the masterpiece that is Night of the Living Dead. So I am going to give this film 1/10. If you ever feel the need to see this film, resist.


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