Deliver Us From Evil (2014) Review


This movie sounded like more of a horror based and modern take on Se7en from the blurb I had found online, which is why I took it upon myself to watch it.

That was a mistake. Not me choosing to watch it, just the blurb which talked it up way, way too much. Deliver Us From Evil is a religious-horror themed crime-thriller starring Eric Bana as Detective Satchii, from special-ops. Being set in the Bronx means we get to see a lot of graffiti and beat up old houses. I’ve never been there but I’m sure that there must be some nice parts of the Bronx. But then again we all know that ghosts and ghouls and satanic demons all prefer a crack den over a nicely furnished penthouse.

Satchii is investigating some rather morbid child murders starting with a 6 month old baby and spanning to a 6 year old. After the movie starts with a found footage piece from some soldiers in Iraq, we are chucked into the centre of these crime investigations. A baby found in a dumpster, a 2 year old chucked into a lion’s enclosure at a zoo. So, the detective finds an incredibly weak link in that the soldiers went to war together and just so happened to serve together on the exact mission in the film at the start of the movie. Spurious plot aside, the movie does a good job of showing us the relationship between the detective and his partner cop. The nature of each crime keeps the intrigue up for the viewer.

By half way through the film, for no explainable reason, our Detective starts to become religious and believes, trusts and enlists the help of a Jesuit exorcist. After a goose chase of random ‘possessed’ people and a very slow uneventful build up we get a 30 minute long exorcism to finish up the movie.

This, in my opinion was the best part of the film, just a shame that I was half asleep by this point after 1h30 of slow build up and back story. The exorcism is fun and scary and gritty and I loved it.

This is a film that I honestly cannot say is great but also hand on heart cannot say is bad either. One thing, though, is that it felt like it would fit a feature length TV structure a bit like True Detective.


Mark Ryan


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