The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 3 (SPOILER) Review

Episode name: Four Walls and a Roof


We ended last week with Bob (Lawrence Gilliars Jr.) tied to a post by the cannibal gang from Terminus, led by Gareth as they ate pieces of his cooked leg after cutting if from his body. We also saw Daryl and Carol race off in a car to follow another vehicle that Daryl noticed as the car that drove away when Beth disappeared last season. The rest of the group remain in the church, questioning the mysterious priest who gave them shelter, while figuring out their next move. A strong episode, it opened more dialogue about what was going to happen here, with episode three.

Episode three, entitled “Four Walls and a Roof”, began with Gareth speaking at length to Bob who was still tied up, surrounded by the cannibals who were still chewing on his flesh. Gareth explained his actions and promised to take out each member of the group, with Bob only being the first. Bob then shocked the group when he showed them his shoulder, revealing a bite and hailing himself to be “tainted flesh” as the cannibals vomited and panicked after eating the meat from his bones. We then went back to the church, Sasha, Tyreese and others are afraid for Bob’s safety as well as Daryl and Carol who also disappeared. They confront the priest, accusing him of being the reason, somehow, why Bob, Carol and Daryl have randomly vanished. The priest tells them he is not to blame, but when pushed about what his deal is he confesses to his sins from his past, telling the group of how he locked the doors to the church and refused to open the doors to those seeking shelter as he listened to them being torn apart by walkers. Bob is then dumped outside the church by the cannibals and Sasha and company take him inside the church and attempt to nurse him to health. He reveals his bite to the group, apologising, and we see that Sasha is the most effected, for obvious reasons. Bob tells Rick and the rest of the group about Gareth’s plans, and where they were hiding, and Rick plans to head to the primary school where the cannibals were living to seek revenge. Abraham threatens to leave due to the impending threat but Rick disputes it. Glenn and Maggie tell Abraham that they will leave with him and help him get to Washington if he waits a little longer, and Abraham agrees. The episode then see’s the cannibals approaching the church at night, breaking inside and yelling threats as they held guns. Judith draws attention to the group, but before the cannibals of Terminus have a chance to do anything, Rich, Abraham, Sasha and Michonne shoot them down, and bludgeon the rest with weapons, killing each member in the church. Bob, after saying his goodbyes, passes away and Tyreese takes care of the situation by pressing a knife into his skull before he turned. Abraham, along with Eugene, Tara, Rosita, Glenn and Maggie, said goodbye to the remainder of the group as they began their journey to Washington, giving the rest of the group directions so they could follow them. The episode came to an end when Michonne heard a noise outside the church, and when investigating was greeted by Daryl walking out of a wooded area. He tells someone, possibly Carol, maybe Beth, maybe both of them, to come out of their hiding place just as the episode fades to black, not revealing who Daryl was speaking to.

Another very strong episode and again, with some major moments and twists that I, personally, didn’t see coming. The main thing I wasn’t anticipating that occurred in this episode was Gareth and his gang of cannibals being killed. I was expecting a few episodes of the cannibal group hunting our protagonists, but that isn’t going to happen, because they’re in the dirt now. I’m happy about that though, it keeps things fresh and allows a great big “what the hell is going to happen” to appear, opening many possible avenues yet again. With Daryl re-appearing at the end of the episode, the question is, who is with him? Will he have found a new big-bad villain? Did he find Beth? Is Carol ok? We now also have two storylines running side-by-side, with the group splitting in two and one half heading to Washington to attempt to create a future. Bob dying was almost expected after episode two, but the scenes in which he spoke with Sasha and Rick were strong and emotional scenes. Bob is the first major character to die in a while, so it will be interesting to see how his loss with effect the dynamic of the group moving forward.

I’ve been impressed with season five so far. Every time I think I know where they’re going with the storyline, things chance and big things occur, taking a different direction altogether, and that can only be a good thing, keeping viewers on their toes and introducing new dangers and new characters along the way. It was an episode where most of the cast had a chance to do something, even if that thing was only small, which I liked.

So, with various members of the group going in different directions, Bob making his exit from the show, Michonne being reunited with her trusts sword, the priest still feeling a bit “off” and Daryl returning to the church, episode four looks set to be a very intriguing and exciting episode indeed. A lot has happened already and we are only three episodes in. Roll on, next week.


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