Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (1985) Review {By R.T Ewell}

  (The following review was contributed by R.T Ewell. R.T is a writer, his work can be found here)garfieldhalloween-05

When I was little, I loved Halloween specials. Something about them felt unique while celebrating all the spooky stuff that the holiday is known for. Most of the specials did a good job of combining humor while still being creepy enough to make kids think they are watching something they were not supposed to. One of my favorite Halloween specials was none other than Garfield’s Halloween Adventure. The special aired in 1985 and ran twenty four minutes to much praise, especially by yours truly. I enjoyed the fat cat’s adventures in the comic pages while collecting those digests that were odd shaped and wonderful. So a cartoon about Garfield and Odie going trick or treating to get candy…candy…candy…candy, was right up my alley.

The cartoon started out with our favorite orange cat sleeping (imagine that) when Binky the clown came across the television to remind Garfield about the holiday where he could get lots and lots of candy…candy…candy.  Side Note: This made me wonder which came first Binky or Krusty the clown from the Simpsons because there are lots of similarities between the two. Once Garfield got motivated to go trick or treating he also got the bright idea to take Odie with him so that he could get twice the amount of candy, thanks to the somewhat dumb (or loyal to some) dog. In order to go trick or treating they have to find costumes to wear, so up to the attic they go.

After a song, costumes are finally chosen, so they go to show Jon which provides a laugh or two. The story takes a creepy direction when after getting lots of Halloween candy, they get greedy and go across the river. There they meet an old man that tells them that some spooky spirits are coming at the stroke of midnight.

Being almost thirty years old, it still holds up rather well. The animation is superb and makes me wish that old school animation was still done today. There are a few songs but they are pretty well done. None of them drag on for too long with most of them being very funny so it makes them pass rather quickly. Odie is excellent as always with being the silent sidekick among Garfield’s wise cracking jokes. It has been so long since I had seen this special that I forgot how simple and brilliant it is. I definitely felt like a kid again watching it late at night the night before Halloween.

This special is a must see for anyone who wants a traditional Halloween show to either watch themselves or more importantly introduce to their children. It is safe for children of all ages to watch with just a mild bit of creepiness. Garfield is such a classic character so it only makes sense that he has a classic Halloween special.



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