Martyrs (2008) Review #1 (Jill’s Perspective)

(The following review contains spoilers about the film) Martyrs is a French film that is part of the French New Wave horror movement. It joins classic French horror films like Haute Tension (Switchblade Romance, High Tension), Frontiers, Sheitan (Satan), Irreversible and L’Interior (Inside). It was made in 2008 and directed by Pascal Laugier who also made House of Voices (2004) and later the American movie … Continue reading Martyrs (2008) Review #1 (Jill’s Perspective)

Afflicted (2014) Review

Afflicted, a film by Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, is technically a found-footage movie but don’t let that stop you. It doesn’t have shaky-cam scenes or extreme close-ups like in The Blair Witch Project. I was pleasantly surprised by this 85 minute film. It is the first feature length film by Actor and Director team Derek Lee and Clif Prowse and won the Toronto International … Continue reading Afflicted (2014) Review