Isle of Dogs (2018) Review

(Review by Cinephiliacs Contributing Writer: Lisa Davy) So, recently I took a trip to the cinema with my family to see a movie we’d been anticipating for months – Wes Andersons new stop-motion animation ‘Isle of Dogs‘. This was Andersons second foray into this medium, having previously adapted Roald Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox‘.  We all loved that movie, so thought we’d give this one a whirl. The … Continue reading Isle of Dogs (2018) Review

10 of the VERY BEST 1980’s Horror Movies

It will be hard, no… near impossible, to keep this to one sole list. This will likely result in numerous parts, because the 1980s gave us so many amazing horror films. It’s a subjective thing too, with what one person considers the best to be very different from what the next person feels is the best. Still, this list, and those that follow it, are … Continue reading 10 of the VERY BEST 1980’s Horror Movies

10 of the Best Non-Marvel/DC Comic Book Movies

Well, here we go with another “Top Ten” or “Ten of the Best” type of articles. Marvel and DC movies and comic books get plenty of press, with the movies being so high-budget and, much of the time, done very well. It’s a shame, then, to ignore the comic-book flicks that aren’t from these Universes. So, I figured it would be cool to look at … Continue reading 10 of the Best Non-Marvel/DC Comic Book Movies

Do You Remember: Mac & Me?

The year was 1988. The summer was hot. The World was obsessed with television and movies, and a whole generation of E.T fans were ready for something new, something better, something with a small alien who would capture their hearts again. But, instead they got Mac & Me. People sat in their neon sneakers, with their hair moulded into mountainous peaks. Bags and bags of … Continue reading Do You Remember: Mac & Me?