10 of the Best Non-Marvel/DC Comic Book Movies

Well, here we go with another “Top Ten” or “Ten of the Best” type of articles. Marvel and DC movies and comic books get plenty of press, with the movies being so high-budget and, much of the time, done very well. It’s a shame, then, to ignore the comic-book flicks that aren’t from these Universes. So, I figured it would be cool to look at … Continue reading 10 of the Best Non-Marvel/DC Comic Book Movies

Do You Remember: Mac & Me?

The year was 1988. The summer was hot. The World was obsessed with television and movies, and a whole generation of E.T fans were ready for something new, something better, something with a small alien who would capture their hearts again. But, instead they got Mac & Me. People sat in their neon sneakers, with their hair moulded into mountainous peaks. Bags and bags of … Continue reading Do You Remember: Mac & Me?

The Big Sick (2017) Review

Now who doesn’t love a good love story? Especially when that story isn’t all kitten paws, rainbow dust and glittery unicorn butt cheeks? A realistic story, or at least one with edge and substance that doesn’t paint relationships as smooth sailing all the time. Hollywood has a tendency to portray marriage, or love, as something gelatinous and weird, a sort of “man meets woman, woman … Continue reading The Big Sick (2017) Review

Andre the Giant: HBO Documentary (2018) Review

For those unaware, I’m a rather big fan of professional wrestling. Yep, the world of spandex, drama, clotheslines and bodyslams has been part of my life for over 26 years. I guess some things in life change, but some things stay the same. My love for wrestling has remained throughout the years. When I first started watching wrestling it was obvious who were the big … Continue reading Andre the Giant: HBO Documentary (2018) Review

10 Random Books We Wanna See Made Into Movies

Hello movie fans. Hello book worms. HELLO! So, I’m a big chunky lover of books and film, I adore both mediums, so of course I have a great interest in seeing the outcomes of movies that have been created based on a good solid papery novel. Still, there are times, plenty of times, that I read a good book and ponder the idea that “hmm, … Continue reading 10 Random Books We Wanna See Made Into Movies

God’s Own Country (2017) Review

As a Yorkshire born lad, I was drawn to this movie by the fact that the setting is right in the heart of the gloomy, wet and beautiful Yorkshire countryside, surroundings I grew up alongside. The director, who also penned the film, Francis Lee, is a Yorkshireman himself, and his love for, and familiarity with, the area is obvious with the confidence in which he … Continue reading God’s Own Country (2017) Review