The Big Sick (2017) Review

Now who doesn’t love a good love story? Especially when that story isn’t all kitten paws, rainbow dust and glittery unicorn butt cheeks? A realistic story, or at least one with edge and substance that doesn’t paint relationships as smooth sailing all the time. Hollywood has a tendency to portray marriage, or love, as something gelatinous and weird, a sort of “man meets woman, woman … Continue reading The Big Sick (2017) Review

Forgetting July (2017) Film Review

We’ve spent the Autumn months with filmmaker Chad Ritchie in his previous movies, Project October and Fields of November, and now he is ushering us into a new season with Forgetting July, his latest film. I have been eagerly anticipating new work from Ritchie after connecting with and truly loving his previous work, and so I jumped at the chance to see an early screening … Continue reading Forgetting July (2017) Film Review

Mistress America (2015) Review

With Frances Ha (2012), Noah Baumbach showed his skills as a writer and director. A new wave of American cinema was hinted at with the effervescent and unique way Baumbach told his story. He followed that up with the hugely enjoyable While We’re Young (2014) (starring Ben Stiller, in his best performance in a long while). The low-key and conversationalist style of Baumbach along with … Continue reading Mistress America (2015) Review

Gone Girl (2014) Review

David Fincher has a formidable filmography under his belt. With films like Se7en, Fight Club and The Social Network, among others, earning him numerous plaudits, it was no surprise when his 2014 film, based on the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl, began to spark a great deal of hype. I haven’t yet read the book so my review will not be one that … Continue reading Gone Girl (2014) Review

Breaking the Waves (1996) Review (Artificial Eye DVD)

BREAKING THE WAVES 1996, dir: Lars Von Trier Lars Von Trier. A director who will either rub you up the wrong way, or have you become putty in his hands. His films are often complex and controversial, tackling topics that most directors would be too afraid to even mention. Outside of his films, Von Trier is just as complex and even more controversial. I’m not … Continue reading Breaking the Waves (1996) Review (Artificial Eye DVD)

Foxcatcher (2014) Review

New York filmmaker Bennett Miller is a director who, in a minimal amount of output, has turned plenty of heads. With 2005’s Capote and 2011’s Moneyball, Miller showed himself as an accomplished voice in Hollywood, and now, with Foxcatcher, he returns to the world of sports, yet with a different tone altogether. Written by E. Max Frye (Palmetto) and Dan Futterman (Capote), this is a … Continue reading Foxcatcher (2014) Review

Lars & The Real Girl (2007) Review

Early 2015, for some reason, has been a slow month for me, personally, with watching new titles. This coming week that will change, but I’ve found myself revisiting films that I’d previously seen, to review and to enjoy again. This time I revisited the 2007 indie dramedy, Lars & the Real Girl. Directed by Craig Gillespie (Mr Woodcock) and written by Nancy Oliver (Six Feet … Continue reading Lars & The Real Girl (2007) Review