Do You Remember: Mac & Me?

The year was 1988. The summer was hot. The World was obsessed with television and movies, and a whole generation of E.T fans were ready for something new, something better, something with a small alien who would capture their hearts again. But, instead they got Mac & Me. People sat in their neon sneakers, with their hair moulded into mountainous peaks. Bags and bags of … Continue reading Do You Remember: Mac & Me?

Lucy (2014) Review

The first time I watched a film from Parisian writer/director Luc Besson was in 1997 with the release of The Fifth Element. From there, I discovered Leon (The Professional), a wonderful assassin thriller starring Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman. Since then, Besson has had a mixed bag of releases under his belt, from the poor (The Family) to the decent (The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele … Continue reading Lucy (2014) Review

Honeymoon (2014) Review

The feature film debut of Leigh Janiak who also co-wrote the movie with Phil Graziadei, who delivered his first feature film writing job too, Honeymoon is one of those films that has you thinking it is one thing and then becoming something else entirely. It mixes genres and with it’s minimal actor numbers on screen, delivers some strong character work along the way. It is always … Continue reading Honeymoon (2014) Review

Westworld (1973) 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

Written and directed by popular novelist and Jurassic Park writer, Michael Crichton in his feature film directorial debut, Westworld is a sci-fi classic and has finally found a home on Blu-ray with a 40th Anniversary release in the United Kingdom. A wonderful science fiction tale, Westworld introduces us to Delos, a destination in which three fantasy worlds exist that allow paying visitors, tourists to these … Continue reading Westworld (1973) 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Review